The Week on Instagram: The Top Shot Series

I once declared that I was never going to use Instagram. Ever. But due to a blog-related development, I was forced had to create an account. Long story short, here I am, using the application at every opportunity. The truth is, Instagram has become a great venue for me to practice photography.

The Week on Instagram: Of Pets and Chairs

  Actually, the title should read “Last Week on Instagram”.  I was just too tied up with work to post anything last week.:(  But I promise to be more ‘present’ this coming week. I promise. *crosses fingers* Have a great week ahead! 1 Kofi in the morning | 2 Capiz windows at Bahay Bakasyunan whereContinue reading “The Week on Instagram: Of Pets and Chairs”

This Week on Instagram: From Spain to Trinoma

Been on Instagram for a while now but I  haven’t really posted photos that much.  I’ve rediscovered it lately and I think I’m addicted! *blushes*  Here are some images I took in Spain and some, around the house and while doing errands over the weekend.   If you want to follow me on Instagram, clickContinue reading “This Week on Instagram: From Spain to Trinoma”