The Week on Instagram: Of Pets and Chairs

2013-08-29 06.49.05

2013-08-30 10.35.43-1

2013-09-02 08.22.22

2013-09-01 08.58.42

2013-08-30 08.30.22

2013-09-02 11.24.38-1

2013-09-03 06.45.10-1


Actually, the title should read “Last Week on Instagram”.  I was just too tied up with work to post anything last week.:(  But I promise to be more ‘present’ this coming week. I promise. *crosses fingers* Have a great week ahead!

1 Kofi in the morning | 2 Capiz windows at Bahay Bakasyunan where our office had our annual team building | 3 Mayo the Cat hanging out | 4 One of two Batibot chairs I’ve had for 10 years | 5 A table made of wood | 6 The Batibot chairs on exhibit in The Block 7 | 7 Morning light in our bedroom.

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