Simple living in an abandoned yard

I have been longing to live  away from the city; to be surrounded by nature and just work from home. The idea that I don’t have to drive daily to the office is really appealing to me. And as always, I look to the internet for inspiration. How I envy this couple!  Both born inContinue reading “Simple living in an abandoned yard”

The Painted Town of Zalipie

Have you heard of the painted town called Zalipie? It’s a pretty little  town in Poland that looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale book! The houses, sheds, bridges… almost all the structures you see in Zalipie are adorned with the most colorful floral paintings. The tradition actually began inside the homes, whenContinue reading “The Painted Town of Zalipie”

Free 2016 Printable Calendar from A Dose of Simple

2015 has been quite a year for me. “Eventful” doesn’t even begin to describe it. But I’m not complaining. After all, I feel that I have accomplished so much in a span of 12 months.  I’m still wondering how I got out of 2015 still in one piece, though!  All I’m certain of is thatContinue reading “Free 2016 Printable Calendar from A Dose of Simple”

Parenting in the Digital Age

Parents have it tough these days. The Internet seems to have melded seamlessly into our lives. And parents of this generation are faced with the many challenges of raising digital natives–kids who were born into the Digital Age and who are expertly handling digital gadgets as if these were toys .

The Weekend List: 3-Day Detox Cleanse by Dr. Oz

I’ve been looking for a detox cleanse plan to jumpstart the year. But I couldn’t find one that looks doable or practical. I wanted to try Gwyneth Paltrow’s Master Cleanse which some friends have done successfully. But it looks way too extreme and I might not be able to go beyond Day 1.