This Week on Instagram: From Spain to Trinoma










Been on Instagram for a while now but I  haven’t really posted photos that much.  I’ve rediscovered it lately and I think I’m addicted! *blushes*  Here are some images I took in Spain and some, around the house and while doing errands over the weekend.   If you want to follow me on Instagram, click here. My username is PinayTraveller because I share the account with my travel blog.  You can also check out my latest Instagram posts on the sidebar. How about you?  Do you have an account? Leave your account name on the comment form so I can follow you. XOXO


1 Breakfast aboard the Tren Al Andalus  | 2 Sunrise at the railtracks in Zaragoza   |  3  Walking around Zaragoza in my trusted Hush Puppies |  4  The Plaza La Zeo in Zaragoza, Spain  |  5 & 6  Sunlight sifting through the curtains in my home office  |  7  Cafe con leche for breakfast |  8  My favorite among Hubby’s tattoos, inspired by Filipino-American tattoo artist Leo Zulueta who is known as the “Grandfather of Modern Tribal Tattooing”  |   9 Paper lanterns during the Asian Food Fest in Trinoma – the food we ate was not really good 😦   |10 Yuki the cat with hearts  sleeping on our favorite chair

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