Review: New Favorites from Nu Skin

Christmas came early this year. A couple of weeks ago, a friend sent me some products to try out. After a couple of months of being in so much stress over a recently concluded project, this was exactly what I needed! So read on to know more about these products. LIQUID BODY LUFRA First onContinue reading “Review: New Favorites from Nu Skin”

The Painted Town of Zalipie

Have you heard of the painted town called Zalipie? It’s a pretty little  town in Poland that looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale book! The houses, sheds, bridges… almost all the structures you see in Zalipie are adorned with the most colorful floral paintings. The tradition actually began inside the homes, whenContinue reading “The Painted Town of Zalipie”

Indigo Blues

Indigo is a controversial color. It is blue but not quite.  And also violet, but not quite.  The great Sir Isaac Newton himself  introduced indigo as one of the seven colors in his spectrum.  But more than a century later, its place in the spectrum was challenged by another Isaac–the science fiction author and biochemistryContinue reading “Indigo Blues”

The Story of Three Beautiful Things

The tea pot lived as Pinatubo volcanic ash before I found it sitting on a shelf in a shop in Glorietta. The cup and saucer lived separately in Japan- perhaps formed by hands of master potters-before winding up in two different surplus stores in Manila where I found them. Somehow they’ve all ended up here,Continue reading “The Story of Three Beautiful Things”

Christmas Decorating at Home

After much dilly-dallying, I’m finally done with my decorating! Much of the decors I’ve put up have been recycled from Christmases past. But a lot I have only recently acquired. So let the tour begin!