A Dose of Simple Living E-zine

A lot has transpired over the last few months. Finally, I have managed to put up my online shop which I’ve been planning to do since forever! I will talk about it in another post but meanwhile, you can check it out here: A Dose of Simple Shop. I also have some big news! FinallyContinue reading “A Dose of Simple Living E-zine”

Taking care of furniture with a great find from Japan Home

I’ve had my home office table for almost twenty years now. It’s one of the first few pieces I bought when I decided to live on my own. It was a bit pricey then but the investment was worth it. I can’t even begin to tell you how many scripts were written on this desk!Continue reading “Taking care of furniture with a great find from Japan Home”

My Plant Propagation Station

These days I find myself having the most wonderful time tending to my gardens. Yes, me. The one who used to kill cacti regularly. Yes, the self-confessed plant-killer now has several pocket gardens around and inside her home. Imagine that! So one of my most favorite things to do recently is propagating my plants. I’veContinue reading “My Plant Propagation Station”

2018 Moleskine Hack Part 1

Hello, 2018! It’s another year and another chance to put together (or agonize over, depending on how you look at it) my planner system. I know I’ve said (repeatedly) that I wanted to be more frugal and was very determined not to buy a Moleskine planner a couple of years ago. But I failed miserably. Continue reading “2018 Moleskine Hack Part 1”