This Week on Instagram: From Spain to Trinoma

Been on Instagram for a while now but I  haven’t really posted photos that much.  I’ve rediscovered it lately and I think I’m addicted! *blushes*  Here are some images I took in Spain and some, around the house and while doing errands over the weekend.   If you want to follow me on Instagram, clickContinue reading “This Week on Instagram: From Spain to Trinoma”

House Envy: An Apartment For Sale in Sweden

If I had a few hundred euros to spare, I will most probably buy this apartment in Sweden. It’s spacious, it’s cozy and it’s white! Maybe styling (by Jessica Clayton) and photography (by Mikael Axelsson) have a lot to do with it but I’m really smitten with  this pretty nest. Via Mikael.

A Bittersweet Weekend

My supposedly long, restful weekend became a long, stressful one as a member of our household got very sick (I will tell you all about that in another post). But in between doing errands and holding my breath, I was able to catch up on my bedside reading, eat my favorite spaghetti with meat sauce,Continue reading “A Bittersweet Weekend”