Indigo Blues

Indigo is a controversial color. It is blue but not quite.  And also violet, but not quite.  The great Sir Isaac Newton himself  introduced indigo as one of the seven colors in his spectrum.  But more than a century later, its place in the spectrum was challenged by another Isaac–the science fiction author and biochemistryContinue reading “Indigo Blues”

Christmas Decorating at Home

After much dilly-dallying, I’m finally done with my decorating! Much of the decors I’ve put up have been recycled from Christmases past. But a lot I have only recently acquired. So let the tour begin!

Ikat Chic

I have a special place in my heart for Ikat, the beautiful weaving style that uses a resist dyeing process “on either the warpor weft before the threads are woven to create a pattern or design.” In the Philippines, there is a tradition of Ikat weaving among the Ifugao tribes in Northern Luzon and theContinue reading “Ikat Chic”