The Week on Instagram: The Top Shot Series

I once declared that I will ‘never use Instagram’. Ever. But due to a blog-related development, I was forced had to create an account. Long story short, here I am, using the application at every opportunity. The truth is, Instagram has become a great venue for me to practice photography. I don’t carry my heavy DSLR all the time (who wants to do that?).  So with my handy phone camera, I am able to capture things, places and moments that would otherwise be lost forever.

So, among other things,  I’ve been ‘instagramming’ about food lately. I don’t usually take photos of my ordinary/daily meals (unless I’m shooting really delcious food for Pinay Traveller) but it’s nice to practice my food styling skills once in a while.  After all, I did take a food photography course a few years ago. So now, every meal  is a chance to apply my unused skills.

I call this The Top Shot Series for obvious reasons. All photos were taken with my iPhone 4, with very minor editing (just adjustment on contrast and exposure). I rarely use filters on my food shots as I feel filters take away the beauty, color, and texture of the food being photographed. In some cases,  I think filters can even make food look bland and unappetizing!

The thing about shooting using a camera phone (like my primitive iPhone 4) is that one has a very limited tool in one’s hands. I don’t use flash (even with my DSLR, unless it’s necessary) so for me, available light is very essential. Most of the time, I end up with very grainy photos. But that’s okay.  It adds to the charm, don’t you think?

biscocho a dose of simple

corned pork a dose of simple mr kebab a dose of simple ramen a dose of simple tuna pie a dose of simple peanut butter a dose of simple cocktail hotdogs a dose of simple seafood pasta a dose of simple orange a dose of simple spicy tuna salad a dose of simple kutchinta a dose of simple banana yogurt a dose of simple tea time a dose of simple

Follow the Top Shot Series on my Instagram. As for my travels and culinary adventures, click here.

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