Repurposing in the Bathroom

While cleaning the bathroom over the weekend, I realized that a lot of things inside my bathroom are actually repurposed objects. This palo china shelf, for instance,  is actually a discarded headboard  I found lying around the house. The mason jar is home to my collection of seashells, while I use a shot glass toContinue reading “Repurposing in the Bathroom”

The Wisdom of Repurposing

In this day and age of rampant wastage, environmental abuse and global financial crisis, REPURPOSING may just be the best thing one can do. Repurposing,  or the act of reusing something for a different purpose, is gaining popularity these days, what with western countries making it look cool and fashionable.  But to be honest, PinoysContinue reading “The Wisdom of Repurposing”

Pantry for a Week

Well, this is how my Pantry Project turned out. I know the cleaning stuff should be at the bottom (or even out) of the cabinet  but this is just temporary. My laundry basket is actually a plastic basket that I bought from Farmer’s Market. Meanwhile, the ugly plastic bags found a nice home in thisContinue reading “Pantry for a Week”