Pantry for a Week

Well, this is how my Pantry Project turned out.

I know the cleaning stuff should be at the bottom (or even out) of the cabinet  but this is just temporary.

My laundry basket is actually a plastic basket that I bought from Farmer’s Market.

Meanwhile, the ugly plastic bags found a nice home in this banig bag.

I read somewhere that dried Bay leaf or Laurel is an effective insect repellant so I hung some here.

I re-used mayonaise jars for storing sugar and pasta.  Oops. I’m out of sugar!

These are actually dextrose bottles that I cleaned up and used for storing furniture polish.

This small wooden crate used to be home to my cassette tapes a million years ago.

Tomorrow, our new kasambahay will move into this room. So that’s the end of the short life of my pantry. But it was good while it lasted.  Now, the new challenge is to find a place for these displaced items around the house.  Wish me luck!

Food for Thought

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”– Dr. Seuss


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  1. gusto ko yung dextrose bottle!:)) nakakatuwa..:)

  2. Thanks, Jups. ‘Yan ‘yung dextrose bottles ni LOLO ‘nung nagkasakit siya.:( Naka-apat din siyang bote! Wawa naman.

  3. Thanks for that tip about bay leaves, Pol. I will definitely try that 🙂 Kami naman, we put pieces of charcoal in paper cups, put them in the bathroom, kitchen or even inside the fridge. It helps absorb bad odors 🙂

  4. bongga yung bay leaves idea!!! gagawin ko din, dami lamok sa amin eh 😦

  5. Candice Cipullo June 16, 2011 — 5:48 am

    Great ideas! More! More!

  6. theartofeveryday June 16, 2011 — 8:59 am

    sabi nila, hanging a plastic with water scares away flies, kse parang namamagnify daw yung reflection nila so natatakot yung mga langaw sa sarili nilang imahe hehe. pwede rin ata ‘to sa tao 😀

  7. pol this is beautiful! sayang shortlived. sana makahanap ka ng space to transplant this beautiful space you’ve made. hay. 🙂 can you come and fix my house? ha ha.

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