The Wisdom of Repurposing

In this day and age of rampant wastage, environmental abuse and global financial crisis, REPURPOSING may just be the best thing one can do. Repurposing,  or the act of reusing something for a different purpose, is gaining popularity these days, what with western countries making it look cool and fashionable.  But to be honest, Pinoys have been doing this for quite a while now. A classic example is the Jeepney–a relic from World War II but  now known as  the King of the Road.

In finding furniture for our home, Hubby and I have decided to repurpose or recycle old furniture instead of buying new ones.  We have so far succeeded with our dining table (which used to be the conference table for my office) and my home office worktable (itself a relic from the Jesuit house in Sta. Ana circa 1960s) .  But it’s always nice to find inspiration from other homes…

A vintage tool box repurposed as a dog biscuit box
The Information Desk via – a desk made from vintage books
A unique coffee table from Rehab Vintage
Stacked benches as shelves

Some objects we sometimes take for granted can also be given new life…

A light bulb moment: a mason jar converted into a pendant lamp.
Crate with wheels? Brilliant!
Crates stacked on top of each other can be great shoe shelves

Oh, by the way, here’s how my vintage desk looks like:

My vintage home office desk, circa 1960s

My hubby insists that I should include this picture of his own design inspiration:

Engine coffee table slash wine rack. Source unknown.

Not my cup of tea but I’m willing to compromise (as long as it stays in the garage). 😉

How about you?  Have you repurposed anything lately? Do share!

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