Christmas Decorating at Home

After much dilly-dallying, I’m finally done with my decorating! Much of the decors I’ve put up have been recycled from Christmases past. But a lot I have only recently acquired. So let the tour begin!

Simple Pleasures at Home

I just got back from my Holy Week vacation.  One whole week of pure bliss with my family in our little cottage by the sea. I did nothing but eat (!), sleep, swim and play with my 4-year old nephew.  Oh, and I let the local manghihilot take out all the stress from my body,Continue reading “Simple Pleasures at Home”

Goodbye, Burnay!

Yesterday, I was upstairs when I heard a terrible sound… that of something shattering on the floor.  I quickly ran downstairs and saw my precious burnay pitcher–the one I bought from one of the oldest burnay potters in Vigan a million years ago–  broken into pieces. The culprit… Yuki, my playful kitten! Oh well, that’sContinue reading “Goodbye, Burnay!”

The Weekend List: A Place To Call My Own

I’m on panic mode. My two-week holiday will be over tomorrow.  And yet, it seems that I haven’t accomplished even a third of my To-Do List! Good thing I’m almost done fixing up my lanai. And it turned out to be such a relaxing place I can truly claim as my own! For years, theContinue reading “The Weekend List: A Place To Call My Own”