Christmas Decorating at Home

After much dilly-dallying, I’m finally done with my decorating! Much of the decors I’ve put up have been recycled from Christmases past. (You can see my decors from 3 years ago here.) Also, you’ve already seen my Family Christmas Tree, right?  A lot of the decors, though,  I have only recently acquired. So let the tour begin!

christmas home adosofsimple_1You know how it’s sometimes so bothersome to pack your usual decors to give way to holiday decors? Well, that’s exactly how I felt with my husband’s toys– these Fiat Topolino and Mini-Cooper models. So instead of agonizing over where I should store them, I thought of just adding a little whimsy into our Christmas decor.  I call this The Christmas Convoy. 🙂 Hubby approves!

christmas home adosofsimple_2
I got my hubby this Fiat Topolino from a toy store in Paris a few years ago. It’s now the official Christmas tree transporter.:)

christmas home adosofsimple_3Meanwhile, I just realized (after all these years) that there’s a pine tree right across the street from our house. So I asked hubby to get me a few stems so I can decorate with REAL pine needles.

christmas home adosofsimple_8

christmas home adosofsimple_6
The Holy Family Christmas lantern

christmas home adosofsimple_5

christmas home adosofsimple_13 christmas home adosofsimple_7
christmas home adosofsimple_9I have to say that from the point of view of a tropical native, decorating with fresh pine needles is really lovely. 🙂 Thank you, Mr. Pine-next-door!

christmas home adosofsimple_10

christmas home adosofsimple_18

christmas home adosofsimple_12

christmas home adosofsimple_11

Across the dining table, I’ve set up this red lantern on top of a side table made of twigs. I then filled the lantern with fresh pine leaves, pine cones and silver balls.
christmas home adosofsimple_14

christmas home adosofsimple_15
This lantern is from Ikea.

Meanwhile, I got these beautifully carved decorative balls  from Our Home last year at half the price!  christmas home adosofsimple_16

christmas home adosofsimple_19

My Sagrada Familia is worth the investment.

christmas home adosofsimple_23

These folkart ornaments are export overruns from Dapitan.

christmas home adosofsimple_24

I’m so happy! Now I can relax and breathe in the holiday spirit!

christmas home adosofsimple_25

Merry Christmas everyone!

Image from Lovely, Lovely

2 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating at Home

    1. Hey Mabes! I bought the Holy Family and the lantern separately from Landmark. Just thought of putting the Holy Family inside the lantern which wasn’t such a bad idea pala. Buti kasya! I just threw in some pine needles, a few cones and Christmas lights and voila! 🙂

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