Making a Backsplash

A kitchen’s backsplash can make a whole world of difference, methinks. Not only is it practical, it also ‘prettifies’ the room, especially when done with taste and sophistication.

backsplash a dose of simple

I love this  kitchen designed by interior designer Katie Ridders.

katie ridder rooms book kitchen green moroccan mosaic tile counter to ceiling backsplash cococozyThe counter to ceiling backsplash made from aqua mosaic tiles gives an otherwise plain room some character.


The patchwork styled backsplash of this kitchen is truly one-of-a-kind. And it would have looked so cluttered, too,  if not for the blue shelving and cabinetry that pulled everything together.

portuguese ceramic backsplashHere, beautiful white and blue Portuguese tiles or Azulejos adorn the wall– a perfect little kitchen vignette if you ask me.

pastelgreen backsplashIf colors are too overpowering, one can also opt for muted pastel tiles. Just make sure you have coordinated plates and glasses to make everything look perfect!

Red-rival-Colorful-kitchen-backsplash-tilesI love the combination of the blue and yellow Moroccan tiles set against the red cabinets and shelves in this kitchen.
terracotta backsplashFinally,  I appreciate the simplicity of this backsplash made of handmade terracotta tiles. In a country home, it is perfect. I just don’t know how the homeowner has managed to keep the unpolished tiles look so clean.

As always, please click on the photos to get to the source.

Food for Thought:

The kitchen really is the castle itself. This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family.

-Mario Batali

7 thoughts on “Making a Backsplash

  1. Hi Pauline – great info about patchwork backsplash ideas. Would you have any info on where to source the blue and white Portuguese tiles shown over the stove?
    Many thanks,

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