A Rustic Kitchen by the Beach

I’m in love with this kitchen! The combination of rustic utensils, found objects (from the nearby beach where the house is built) and the owners’ collection of personal ephemera is just beautiful and evokes so much warmth. The kitchen is owned by Nathan and Katie Williams of Kinfolk Magazine.  Here, it is captured  beautifully byContinue reading “A Rustic Kitchen by the Beach”

The Makeshift Bar

If I were to make a bar, it would be informal, uncomplicated and unpretentious. Maybe like one of these: 1.  Covering an old table with stylish fabric will make the bar look more “high end”. 2. A faux croc leather tray is a pretty catchall for this fine collection. 3. An old wire basket isContinue reading “The Makeshift Bar”

A Merry Wreath-mic Christmas

(Sorry about the title. I just can’t help it haha.) I love Christmas wreaths! Especially the rustic kind made of natural materials.  It’s  a pity that they only get to come out once a year (although some wreaths are quite timeless and can be displayed the whole year round). This year, I’ve added 6 toContinue reading “A Merry Wreath-mic Christmas”