YUKI, the cat with hearts

Meet Yuki, the new addition to our ‘pride’.  We now have a total of five cats, and my husband is just about to kill me.  But I just couldn’t help myself when I first laid eyes on him. I was so smitten! Or should I say, skitten? Har har. So I just had to bring him home. (No, I didn’t kidnap him. He was abandoned by his mom.)

Could you seriously say no to this fellow with the weird spot on the face? Which, upside down, is actually a…

…heart! He also wears his other heart on his… side.

He’s gotten used to our house and has become “at home” as you can see. We are slowly introducing him to the other canine and feline members of the household. Hopefully, they’ll be getting along just fine.

8 thoughts on “YUKI, the cat with hearts

  1. ang cute!! his spots are quite unique…

    1. yes they are! and we just realized he’s a she! haha

    1. She is quite something.:) Thanks, Mathias!

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