My Kitchen Redesign

A few months ago, hubby and I decided to repaint the kitchen. What I thought was going to be a simple task turned out to be a full-blown project!  Aside from new paint on the walls, new shelves were also installed, the kitchen island repainted, and the cabinets,  decluttered. It took us about a couple ofContinue reading “My Kitchen Redesign”

Cleaning Up the Studio

  I spent the whole Sunday cleaning up my studio / home office (the space where I write and create my visual journals). I had to be very quick and unattached as  I went through baskets overflowing with God-knows-what  and piles and piles of paper.  As usual, I was amazed at the amount of junkContinue reading “Cleaning Up the Studio”

Inspiring Work Spaces

I have a confession to make: I can spend hours looking at other people’s workspaces. I find great inspiration in how creatives arrange furniture, decorate their rooms, and generally make their surroundings conducive for work.

Inspiring Work Areas

As someone who usually writes at home, I find it very important to keep my home office pretty, if not organized.  And although I’m happy with my creative space now, it’s always nice to find inspiration from others. A workstation solely dedicated to my travel photography… that would be a dream come true!  I loveContinue reading “Inspiring Work Areas”