Crêpe a la Pauline

I was very lucky to have tasted my first French crêpe in Paris  thirteen years ago. At the time, I was shooting a documentary  in the City of Lights. Dominique, a French guide, insisted that my team and I sample the irresistible thin pancakes at a crêperie stall somewhere in Montmarte. Apparently, crêpe is aContinue reading “Crêpe a la Pauline”

The Weekend List: Breakfast Oatmeal Bake, Homemade Air Freshener and Organized Pantry

Yay! It’s another long weekend! This means I’ll have extra time to do more things such as prepare breakfast that we can eat for a whole week and  clean and organize the house. For starters, I’ll give this Breakfast Oatmeal Bake one more try (last time I baked it, it was a bit bland).  ClickContinue reading “The Weekend List: Breakfast Oatmeal Bake, Homemade Air Freshener and Organized Pantry”

Weekend Breakfast: Pancakes and Soft-Boiled Eggs

I love having breakfast on weekends. It’s so nice to wake up unhurried, without any pressure to go somewhere or do anything in particular. It’s just you, your mug of hot coffee and those pancakes and soft-boiled eggs. HASSLE-FREE SOFT-BOILED EGGS 1.  Eggs must be at room temperature before boiling. 2.  Put the eggs inContinue reading “Weekend Breakfast: Pancakes and Soft-Boiled Eggs”