Weekend Breakfast: Pancakes and Soft-Boiled Eggs

I love having breakfast on weekends. It’s so nice to wake up unhurried, without any pressure to go somewhere or do anything in particular. It’s just you, your mug of hot coffee and those pancakes and soft-boiled eggs.

A pancake, right out of the box and Asian style soft-boiled egg.


1.  Eggs must be at room temperature before boiling.

2.  Put the eggs in a saucepan.  Pour in  water just enough to cover the eggs.

3.  Bring the water to a boil.  As soon as you see the water boiling, wait 2 minutes then remove the eggs from the saucepan.

4.  You can either put the eggs in an ice bath or a bowl of cold water to stop the cooking process.

5.  Serve your soft-boiled egg with a pinch of white pepper and a teaspoon of light soy sauce (Lee Kum Kee is just fine). I promise you, you’ll get addicted.

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