A Merry Wreath-mic Christmas

(Sorry about the title. I just can’t help it haha.)

I love Christmas wreaths! Especially the rustic kind made of natural materials.  It’s  a pity that they only get to come out once a year (although some wreaths are quite timeless and can be displayed the whole year round).

This year, I’ve added 6 to my collection, of course much to the opposition of  The Hubby. His classic line “Di ba meron ka na niyan?” (Don’t you have something like that already?) fell on my very deaf ears.  I will post the pics here as soon as I have time.  For now, take a look at some of my inspirations.

A wreath made entirely out of pine cones? How pretty!  And the soft powdery snow sprinkled all over it is the perfect icing on the… err…  cake.

My Mareng Martha (Stewart) came up with this adorable wreath made of Christmas cards.  It’s an easy DIY project and cheap, too!

I like this wreath made of oranges. I can almost imagine how fragrant this must be!  But alas, oranges in ‘Pinas are quite expensive.  I wonder if  dalandans can look just as good…

Simplicity is beauty.  Wreaths don’t need to to be decorated to make an impact.  Here, a simple grouping of three produces a calming effect.

If you want a timeless wreath, try making one using your favorite herbs.  The culinary wreath above is made of sage, bay leaf, oregano and rosemary!

Food for Thought

Perhaps the best Yuletide decoration is being wreathed in smiles.  

~Author Unknown


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