The Weekend List: An Organized Weekend

This weekend, I will finally face (with much dread) the piles upon piles of clutter I have been hiding inside my home office closet and desk drawers. To deal with this garguantan task, I have already bought organization helpers: color-coded folders, magazine holders, clear CD boxes and binders. All I need now is complete focusContinue reading “The Weekend List: An Organized Weekend”

Bicycle Cradle

1.  Oak Wood Bike Hanger “Elk” by Woodstick Ltd. 2. Wall Mounted Reclaimed Wood Bike Rack by Cantilever and Press 3. Bike Shelf by Chris Brigham  4. Pedal Pod by Tamasine Osher 5. Chad and Courtney Ludeman’s bike rack under the stairs via Dwell. Food for Thought: Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle,Continue reading “Bicycle Cradle”

The Weekend List: Breakfast Oatmeal Bake, Homemade Air Freshener and Organized Pantry

Yay! It’s another long weekend! This means I’ll have extra time to do more things such as prepare breakfast that we can eat for a whole week and  clean and organize the house. For starters, I’ll give this Breakfast Oatmeal Bake one more try (last time I baked it, it was a bit bland).  ClickContinue reading “The Weekend List: Breakfast Oatmeal Bake, Homemade Air Freshener and Organized Pantry”

Repurposing in the Bathroom

While cleaning the bathroom over the weekend, I realized that a lot of things inside my bathroom are actually repurposed objects. This palo china shelf, for instance,  is actually a discarded headboard  I found lying around the house. The mason jar is home to my collection of seashells, while I use a shot glass toContinue reading “Repurposing in the Bathroom”