Bicycle Cradle

1.  Oak Wood Bike Hanger “Elk” by Woodstick Ltd. 2. Wall Mounted Reclaimed Wood Bike Rack by Cantilever and Press 3. Bike Shelf by Chris Brigham  4. Pedal Pod by Tamasine Osher 5. Chad and Courtney Ludeman’s bike rack under the stairs via Dwell.

Food for Thought:

Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race.

~ H.G. Wells

4 thoughts on “Bicycle Cradle

  1. You made me want to go on a bicycle trip. Right now. Too bad in Lisbon cycling is kind of impossible, for the streets are so steep. Or they’re just stairs. Well, at least I can go for a walk;)

    1. Yeah, I remember the killer cobblestone pavements. But you can ride your bike somewhere in Belem, near the Monument to the Discoveries. I remember seeing bikers when I was there.:) But walking is perfectly fine, too!

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