Lazy Sunday Lunch: Pasta with Shrimps

Sometimes, when I’ve had a full week, my brain automatically shuts down on the weekend. The last thing I want to do is think of what to cook. Scouring the fridge for leftovers is a desperate option. Good thing I stock my pantry with a few staples that can get me through a lazy dayContinue reading “Lazy Sunday Lunch: Pasta with Shrimps”

The Weekend List: Banana Chips, Cough Drops, and Succulents

Hi. My name is Pauline and I’m a banana chips addict. You wouldn’t blame me once you’ve tasted these. I bought a bag of these chips from the university cafeteria yesterday. And I couldn’t stop stuffing my mouth with them. So this weekend, I will make some at home using this recipe. I hope theyContinue reading “The Weekend List: Banana Chips, Cough Drops, and Succulents”

The Pink Sister

Don’t you just love cocktails?  Especially when the summer heat is almost unbearable and all you ever want to do is lie on a daybed,  flip through a magazine and take periodic sips of your favorite concoction? Last weekend, I mixed a refreshing pink cocktail. I  sort of copied the recipe from my best friendContinue reading “The Pink Sister”

Top 5 Health Benefits of Coffee

I think I started drinking coffee when I was twelve, thanks to my father who loved coffee so much.  As a grownup, there was actually a point in my life when I’d drink up to eight cups a day! It took me a while to realize that that was the reason for my palpitations (IContinue reading “Top 5 Health Benefits of Coffee”