I’m coming out of my blogging hiatus to tell you about the wonderful package of frozen meat I received from my from friend D all the way from New Zealand. D, who is a photographer by profession, migrated to NZ a few years ago. Recently, he has started a meat delivery business called Direct Meat.

Direct Meat

D tells me he sources his meat directly from abattoirs in NZ and Australia.

“All our frozen meat are blast frozen right after slaughter and so,  fresher than two-day chilled meat or fresh meat sold in warm-weather markets. Blast freezing retains (the) meat’s natural juices and because we vacuum-pack,  freshness is maintained.”

My hubby loves a good steak. So between the two of us, he was the happier and more excited.  Yesterday, we decided to cook the steak. Well, HE cooked. I just ate. 🙂





According to D (and Gordon Ramsay ha!), the best way to bring out the true flavors of the meat is to season it with just salt and freshly ground pepper. So that’s what we did.





Next, we put a little oil in a hot pan and seared the meat, 5 minutes on each side.




After about 15 minutes of cooking, our steak was ready!




Hubby wanted his meat rare. As for me, I preferred medium rare, thank you! With some salad and a good bottle of red wine, the meal was just perfect!



If you want to try out Direct Meat’s delicous steaks (and other beef cuts), go and like their Facebook page here. They deliver around Metro Manila so place your orders now!



Watch this short video on how to prepare your Direct Meat:



Disclaimer:  Although my friend sent me the delicious meat as gift,  the opinion expressed in this post is entirely my own.

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