Top 5 Health Benefits of Coffee

I think I started drinking coffee when I was twelve, thanks to my father who loved coffee so much.  As a grownup, there was actually a point in my life when I’d drink up to eight cups a day! It took me a while to realize that that was the reason for my palpitations (I was really bright back then 🙂 ).  Today, I own 3 regular and 2 travel  French presses,  2 small and 1 large stove top espresso makers, 1 drip coffee maker and 1 Vietnamese coffee filter.  No, I’m not a  hoarder. There are just so many ways to enjoy coffee!


See, coffee-drinking has survived for the past 700 years for a reason.  Aside from the gustatory pleasure one derives from it, it seems drinking it (NOT overindulging on it) has priceless benefits. Here are some health benefits listed by a fellow coffee lover.

Coffee Lowers Effects of Liver Damage

One great thing to look forward to in drinking your daily coffee is that it is providing your liver with necessary protection if you have had a few too many the night before. Coffee drinkers who also imbibe in alcohol have been known to have a lower risk of cirrhosis to the liver. Though you should do all things in moderation, like drinking, the benefit coffee provides is priceless!


Coffee Increases Happiness

There is a John Hopkins study out there showing that daily coffee drinking will add to your overall happiness because of the amounts of dopamine that are being pumped into your bloodstream. But remember to keep your dosage under two cups per day because that will otherwise put you at risk for higher anxiety. It is a delicate balance!

Lean on Your Antioxidants

What most coffee drinkers are loving is the amount of antioxidants that they can get just by drinking their delicious brew. Antioxidants are what you need to fight all of the free radicals that can cause cell damage spreading through your body. Coffee is not the highest in antioxidants, but it is the most consumed source out there.


Environmentally Friendly

There are huge chances that in the future we will all be running our cars with the cheaper option that is fuel made from coffee bean oils, so there you have better environmental protection, as well as a multitude of health benefits from cleaning up our earth. Who knew that the bean had so much to offer?

Boost Your Short Term Memory

Huh? If that sounds like you, then you need to remember to drink your daily java since it has been proven to give you the brain sharpening tools that you need in memory enhancement. Drinkers of coffee have been known to have shorter reaction times and faster short term memory functions, which means that drinking decaf will not pep you up mentally as much as you might like to be.

These health benefits are just the tips of the iceberg in discovering all that coffee has to offer you. The great thing about the brew that we all so love is that it will not only give you enjoyment with its rich and robust flavors every day, but the options within your cup to enhance your health and wellness are endless! Over the years, coffee has been underestimated for the superb and multifaceted drink that it is, and I, for one, and more than happy to know that it is finally getting the due credit that it deserves. Coffee has a rich tradition and ancestry throughout time, and a large part of that that is not to be underestimated is all of the power it can give us in our search for optimal health and wellness. So pour a cup, and drink to your health!

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By the way, the beautiful  and mouth-watering photographs are not mine.  Please click on the images to get to the source.

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