Madeleines and Other Baked Goodies from Tous Le Jours

I haven’t eaten carbs in three weeks, and as a treat to myself for being such a good girl, I passed by Tous le Jours today and bought me some baked goodies. Tous les Jours is a French Asian Bakery that just opened its first Philippine branch in SM North. I swear I was salivatingContinue reading “Madeleines and Other Baked Goodies from Tous Le Jours”

New Year’s Eve in Fairview

I made plans to document the whole day yesterday. It was going to be the last day of the year and I wanted to take photos of our preparations for our Media Noche. It started well enough when we woke up to a beautiful morning. One that was made for a breakfast of Grilled CheeseContinue reading “New Year’s Eve in Fairview”

Have a Cup of Christmas

Been so busy lately, what with my company staging a big concert for the Archdiocese of Manila called “Patron of the Arts”.  Between that and preparing for the holidays, I make it a point to visit one of my favorite sites, Pinterest, at least once a day. You will understand why when you see photosContinue reading “Have a Cup of Christmas”

Pinoy Comfort Food: Ginisang Sardinas

Ginisang sardinas (sauteed sardines) reminds me so much of my childhood.  We didn’t have much when I was growing up.  And since a can of sardines was cheap, we would have ginisang sardinas often.  I used to tease my mother just how much sardines I needed to eat before I grew scales.  “Bakit?  Ayaw moContinue reading “Pinoy Comfort Food: Ginisang Sardinas”

Crêpe a la Pauline

I was very lucky to have tasted my first French crêpe in Paris  thirteen years ago. At the time, I was shooting a documentary  in the City of Lights. Dominique, a French guide, insisted that my team and I sample the irresistible thin pancakes at a crêperie stall somewhere in Montmarte. Apparently, crêpe is aContinue reading “Crêpe a la Pauline”