Cleaning Up the Studio

  I spent the whole Sunday cleaning up my studio / home office (the space where I write and create my visual journals). I had to be very quick and unattached as  I went through baskets overflowing with God-knows-what  and piles and piles of paper.  As usual, I was amazed at the amount of junkContinue reading “Cleaning Up the Studio”

The Painted Town of Zalipie

Have you heard of the painted town called Zalipie? It’s a pretty little  town in Poland that looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale book! The houses, sheds, bridges… almost all the structures you see in Zalipie are adorned with the most colorful floral paintings. The tradition actually began inside the homes, whenContinue reading “The Painted Town of Zalipie”

VIDEO: Living With Liselotte Watkins

DISCIPLINE – LIVING WITH – Liselotte Watkins from Discipline Design on Vimeo. Liselotte Watkins is an illustrator from Sweden. She is currently living in Italy with her family. Here, she talks about her creative process, and how having her children around helps her in her work.  And may I say I JUST LOVE HER HOUSE!Continue reading “VIDEO: Living With Liselotte Watkins”