2018 Moleskine Hack Part 1

Hello, 2018! It’s another year and another chance to put together (or agonize over, depending on how you look at it) my planner system. I know I’ve said (repeatedly) that I wanted to be more frugal and was very determined not to buy a Moleskine planner a couple of years ago. But I failed miserably. Continue reading “2018 Moleskine Hack Part 1”

Unwrapping Moleskine

Hubby who knows how much I love Moleskine gifted me with my Weekly Notebook Diary/Planner for 2016. Hurray! I’ve been using Moleskine for so long but unwrapping one always makes me feel so… giddy. The┬ásensation of opening a new notebook for the first time is priceless. I wanted to share with you my unwrapping ritualContinue reading “Unwrapping Moleskine”