Ikat Chic

I have a special place in my heart for Ikat, the beautiful weaving style that uses a resist dyeing process “on either the warpor weft before the threads are woven to create a pattern or design.” In the Philippines, there is a tradition of Ikat weaving among the Ifugao tribes in Northern Luzon and the tribes in Mindanao. I have seen first hand the painstaking efforts put into weaving these beautiful fabrics by the elder ladies of a couple of tribes I’ve visited. You see, traditionally, only the women are allowed to weave as the men are the ones who hunt and provide for the families. To this day, this remains to be the practice.

Lately, Ikat has entered mainstream fashion, thanks to designers who recognize not just its beauty but the cultural importance of the craft as well. One designer I appreciate is the Filipino bag designer Rafe Totengco who is always proud of his roots and has even partnered with the T’boli Tribe in Mindanao for his Ikat collection.

Here’s a list of some really pretty Ikat or Ikat-inspired items I found on the net.  What do you think?


1.   Sambag Ikat tunic dress by Sam Wagner

2.   Ikat necklace made made from dip-dyed wooden beads. Handmade in the Philippines by Bluma Project.

3.   Rafe New York Tesa Ikat bag. Head on to his website to see more of his beautiful designs.

4.   Viola Ikat print sandals by Sophie Gittins

5.   Colorful Ikat scarf from Target


Enjoy the rest of  your weekend, everyone!

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