New Header by Lyra

If you’re one of the 5 followers of this blog (just kidding, there are at least 10 of you now haha) you may have noticed that it’s sporting a spanking new header. Isn’t it beautiful? It was made by my lovely cousin-in-law Lyra Vega-Pandy who Instagrams (yes, that’s a verb now) over at @lee_ly. Check out her feed!  Here’s a sampling of her beautiful calligraphy work:






Incidentally, Lyra will be holding a workshop this coming Saturday, September 5.  So if you’re thinking of getting your hands into calligraphy, why not sign up and give it a try?  See details below.


Food for Thought:

I never did calligraphy… But handwriting is an entirely different kind of thing. It’s part of the syndrome of modernism… It’s part of that asceticism.

-Paul Rand

American art director and graphic designer

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