The Weekend List: Marikina Jaunt

I’ve come out of my blogging hibernation to tell you about my recent exploration trip in Marikina. You see, I’ve been looking for leather scraps because I want  to go back to notebook and jewelry-making.  And since Marikina used to be the Shoe Capital of the Philippines, it’s the best place to explore because there are still a lot of  leather shops and suppliers in the area.

My friends who live in Marikina suggested that I go straight to Dela Paz Street near the Public Market. And they were right! I went crazy inside the first leather shop I saw!

82305 Sunday MarikinaIMG_677910

Aren’t these rolls of leather just beautiful? And the smell inside the shop was just pure bliss. I was so tempted to buy a couple of rolls but had to remind myself that I only needed leather scraps because I have to re-learn cutting and stitching first.

Eventually, I went home with a kilo and a half of assorted scraps which sold at 200/kilo. Not bad considering how great they look!

82305 Sunday MarikinaIMG_08222

82305 Sunday MarikinaIMG_08233

After buying a couple of tools and some leather strings, I decided to go around the market and do a little shopping. One of the things I love about Marikina is its wonderful public market which is one of the cleanest (if not the cleanest) in Metro Manila. It also has so many quaint stalls that sell unexpected items like this inabel iloko mat I found in a shop near the market entrance.

82305 Sunday MarikinaIMG_08284

Imagine my happiness when I saw it!  It’s very rare to find inabel iloko in Manila, and at a very cheap price, too!  (Just as a background, I really love local, handwoven fabrics. I think they’re an excellent indicator of the richness of our culture, not to mention our exceptional craftsmanship. So if I have given you an inabel iloko or some other Filipino fabric, then I must really like you.:) )

82305 Sunday MarikinaIMG_08265

The shop owner, a pretty girl from Mountain Province, told me that she also sold blankets and rattan-weaved walis tambo!   I promised to come back when my wallet is more prepared. Haha.

82305 Sunday MarikinaIMG_08327

82305 Sunday MarikinaIMG_08256

So these are my great finds over the weekend. Meanwhile, I can’t wait to get my hands on these scraps!

82305 Sunday MarikinaIMG_08348

Food for Thought:

I’ve got to stop being a snob about  leather-bound books,

he reminded himself.

E-books do have their moments.

-Dan Brown

13 thoughts on “The Weekend List: Marikina Jaunt

  1. Hello po, ask ko lng po what name po ng store nio nbili un scrap leather and also gano kalaki un mga scrap nd gano karami un 1kl. Interested to buy din po kse. Im from paranaque pa po kse, just want to check if its worth to travel all the way to marikina. Thank you

    1. Hi Van. Oh no, I’m sorry. Di ko maalala yung pangalan ng store. Basta nasa palengke siya. Also, yung 1 kilo ay yung nakikita mo sa picture. Yun na yun.:) Good luck!

  2. Hi, you can also visit Winner Industrial Corporation, they’re located at 84 F. Mariano Ave. Bgy. Dela Paz, along Marcos Highway near Marikina. They are the only local manufacturer of synthetic (faux) leather in the Philippines so they always have stock, and can customize leather. They also sell scrap leather.

  3. Hi blogger,
    Thanks a lot for your info.. I’ve been searching around where i can buy my beginners kit.. Can you tell where i can buy those? Thanks alot😊

  4. Hi. Thank you for blogging this! Now I know where to buy leather goods in Marikina. Quick question, do you happen to know where to take public transportation that will pass by De La Paz St.? I will be coming from Cubao (will take an FX from Cubao). Thank you!

    1. Hello Melchor!

      May I know the name of your store/business or contact number? I am very interested in buying leather!


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