Swing Out, Sister! 10 Awesome Swings You’ll Love

swing out sister sm

Swings remind me of my childhood. There’s something about them that makes me feel carefree and adventuresome. On a swing I can go as high as  I can, with not a care in the world. On a swing I can get lost in my very own space.

dedonThis super-cozy Swingrest Hanging Lounger was designed by Daniel Pouzet, co-architect and designer of Dedon Island in the Philippines. It is said to be the first product to come out of Dedon’s Outdoor Living Lab. It comes with a cute little table, perfect for resting your glass of wine or iced tea on!  Have a look at Dedon Island here.

daybed swingThis swing must have been a raft in its past life. But stacked with a matress and cushions, and suspended just a few feet above ground, it’s the perfect hanging daybed for daydreaming.

duffy london swingThe Swing Table by Duffy London invites adults to ‘play’.  I can imagine enjoying a meal with like-minded friends here.

paolo lenti swingThis rattan swing by Paola Lenti looks like the perfect seating area for reading a book on a hot sunny day.

swing dedonThis basket-like swing reminds me of Moses’ crib.  I bet I won’t have a hard time falling asleep in this one.

ikea swing“Swinging develops the sense of balance and body perception. It also brings a feeling of well-being and relaxation,” says Ikea of their PS Vinga swing. I couldn’t agree more!

rattan swingAt first glance, this rattan swing looks like a birdcage. But I’ve sat on one of these and found it surprisingly cozy.

cushioned swingA traditional swing made from a simple cushioned plank and sturdy ropes offers a playful respite from a very grown-up room.

lawka-hustawka-w-mieszkaniuThese last two look like DIY projects.  The idea may be simple, but I’m pretty sure the relaxation that comes with using these bench-like swings is priceless.

hans swing

Food for Thought: 

You’ve got to be rich to have a swing like that.

-Bob Hope 

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