My Little Corner: Dean’s Kitchen

My sister-in-law Dean lives in a cottage in Cornwall, England with her husband Steve and adorable little daughter Tamsin (who also happens to be my god-daughter).  We often tease Dean that she is the only Asian in the village (in reference to Little England’s Daffyd Thomas 😉 ).  Here’s her special little nook in her English countryside home.

littlecorner inge

In her words:

I don’t really have a special corner in our two-bed little cottage, especially with a three-year-old who invades most of my space anyway.  But if I were to choose, it’s probably in the kitchen where I can work, undisturbed for a total of three minutes before Tamsin or our little pup demands my attention again.

It’s a small cosy kitchen and if I just look up from my laptop, there is a window that frames a lovely country-side scene, English rolling hills complete with sheep or cows grazing, most times though the landscape outside is covered in rain expect of course the rare days when the sun is actually out!

At the moment, we are in the process of selling house and looking for another one with more space.  So ask me again, I might just have a special little corner I can definitely call my own.

Do you have your own special Little Corner? Share it with us!   E–mail your photo (with at least 800px width) to  Don’t forget to write a short description!



 Dean Bunker is a part-time freelance writer and full-time mum and lives in a tiny English village near the sea with her daughter, husband, cat and little pup.  She blogs about their life in Little Steps.

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