Photo Diary: A Wedding in Santiago de Compostela

wedding in santiago_1

wedding in santiago_2

wedding in santiago_5

wedding in santiago_8

wedding in santiago_9

wedding in santiago_7

wedding in santiago_10

wedding in santiago_3

wedding in santiago_4.28-1 copy

wedding in santiago_6

Apart from being one of the oldest and most visited pilgrimage sites in the world (3rd only to the Holy Land and the Vatican, respectively), Santiago de Compostela is also a favorite wedding venue.  When I was there last July, I chanced upon a group of people who were just coming out of the church.  Apparently, they were part of a wedding party and were walking to the nearby hotel for the reception. It was great to see the women in their colorful dresses and hats, and the men in their suits and colorful ties.  As the bridal car sped away, I caught a glimpse of the blushing groom. Although half of his face was hidden, I could see how radiant he was.  Clearly, this was the happiest day of his life.

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