Seed Money: Sowing the Seeds of Love

You gotta love this idea from Leafcutter Designs. Coined as “Seed Money” (pun intended 😉 ),  the precious little hand-illustrated and letterpress printed paper coins look like the real thing, but with something extra special– they are embedded with seeds!






But what exactly can you do with your Seed Money?  Leafcutter Designs has a few tips:

  • Secretly tuck them into medians, public parks, or your friend’s front yard.
  • Leave a few with your tip at a restaurant.
  • Place them in coin return slots to surprise strangers.
  • Playfully try to use them at your local coffee shop or bakery.
  • Leave them on sidewalks for people to stumble upon.
  • Give them as a unique gift or party favor.
  • Grow an entire backyard flower/food garden with the full set of coins.
  • Pass them out at your farmer’s market just for fun.
  • Send a roll to a politician with a letter expressing your opinion on agribusiness subsidies.
  • If you run a retail shop, hand over a few along with the real change.
  • Lock up a few rolls in a safety deposit box at your bank just in case Malthus was right. Or perhaps your porcelain piggy bank is more secure?

The coins are embedded with different types of organic seeds, too: the pennies with flower mix, nickles with hearty greens mix, dimes with herb mix and quarters with salad mix.

What an adorable idea!  I think I can use some of those quarters!

Get your Seed Money here.

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