Holding on to the Holidays






I know Christmas is over (for now, at least) but I’m still feeling the spirit. This home, in particular, makes me want to put up my decors again.

More photos here.

6 thoughts on “Holding on to the Holidays

  1. I love white rooms and white floors! If I had a choice, I’d have white floors too! But when you have a toddler running around like a loony – that’s just not possible.

    1. Hi Inge! Me, too. I hope we can have white walls this year for a change.

  2. Such pretty pictures. I’m hanging onto the holidays too 🙂

    1. Hi Maura. I’m sure you know the feeling.:)

  3. Pol, check her out:http://www.yvestown.com/category/home-decorating/#.UO6R5qX7X-Y
    She’s got the loveliest white house ever – white floors, white walls… you name it. i think that’s my dream house. For now at least =)

  4. Oh wow! What a pretty house! Thanks for sharing, Inge!

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