Easter Cleaning

After quietly observing the Holy Week last week and celebrating Easter Sunday yesterday, today is my last chance  to finally get some cleaning and de-cluttering done.  If you’re thinking the same thing, I’d like to share with you my Easter Cleanup checklist. Hopefully, this will get us through this day.

Polish the floor.  

Nothing suggests a clean house better than the smell of freshly applied FLOOR WAX.  When I was a kid, one of  my household chores every weekend was to apply floor wax on our floor and then, after about an hour, polish it by “riding” on our bunot (coconut husk) all over the house. My reward:  a blissful hour of watching Saturday Fun Machine.

Clean the back.

One thing a lot of us always neglect  is the back of our appliances.  Unfortunately,  the accumulation of dust and dirt eventually leads to their  deterioration.  So regularly clean the back of your TV, stereo and other appliances with an anti-static duster or a vacuum cleaner to keep the dust off.

Clean the electric fans.

Cleaning electric fans will keep their motors in good running condition and will extend their life, thus allowing you to save money. By the way, you should do this once a week.:)

Throw out or donate at least 5 items from each room in your house.

This is really tough for me, more so because I’m such an emotional horder. But after (successfully) doing this for a year now, I’ve gotten used to it, i.e. I have developed a heart of stone.

What to ditch:  

  • magazines you haven’t flipped through for over two years
  • tube socks that have lost their pair OR elasticity OR both
  • undies that don’t (or will never) fit you
  • that bottle of mustard (or whatever expired condiment) sitting at the back of your ref
  • that mug an actress gave you for Christmas three years ago that you have not (and will never) use
  • and yes, that leather jacket you got from ukay-ukay five years ago that you have never ever worn because it’s just too hot in Manila.

What to donate:

  • clothes 3-4 sizes too small, from when you were in high school or you haven’t worn in more than 3 years
  • moldy bags you haven’t used in two years
  • old books

So with this, I’ll go get some cleaning done! Happy Easter!

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