The Road to Sexy Week 4: Running Shoes Disaster

No, this is not me. But I used to be like this. I swear.

How will I ever get back to Sexy (or as Justin T. would say, bring the sexy back) if the God of Lame Excuses is out to get me?

Last night, I was hell-bent on running for an hour. But just a few minutes after I began my warm-up walk, I heard a flip-flapping sound beneath my feet.   It was the lower sole of my running shoe hitting the pavement and my shoe heel:  flip, flap, flip, flap. My left shoe was disintegrating right before my eyes. I couldn’t believe my luck.  It actually occurred to me to just change into my slippers and continue running. But that would be silly.  Defeated, I dragged myself back to my house.  Now that my running shoes are out of commission,  how the hell will I run?

I'm not making any excuses ha.

Before I continue ranting about my ailing shoes, let me bring you back a few weeks.  I started the Road to Sexy project 4 weeks ago.  I was just feeling so… heavy. My muffin top was at its fluffiest and the extra weight was straining my back.  So I dusted off my running gear and started running/walking again, twice a week for two weeks.

On Week 2, I had my annual physical exam. It was a relatively uneventful day.  My BP was normal… my eyes were okay… I had my chest x-ray taken…

On Week 3, the results of the physical exam came back.  The report said I was doing pretty well, except that I had severe dextroscoliosis and that my thoracic spine is deviated 31 degrees to the right. I knew I had scoliosis since I was a teenager.  But it never posed a problem apart from the occasional back aches.  So this didn’t sound good at all!  Also, my BMI (Body Mass Index) was 23.8. I was 1 kg overweight for my height!

My ideal weight: 50 kg.

At the bottom of the report, the medical evaluator had this to say:  1.) Observe proper posture. Avoid lifting heavy objects. For orthopedic consultation. 2.) Decrease body weight. Advise low-calorie diet. Engage in moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.  LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

There were two things that quickly struck me:  one, that I needed to change my lifestyle;  and the other, that I was overweight. That I’ve been able to manage both of these issues even before I got the results of the physical exam is proof that we really just need to listen to what our body is telling us.  When I paid attention to my body’s various complaints, I unwittingly changed my lifestyle by forcing myself to run/walk and eat healthy.  And by doing that, I already  lost 2 kilos over the past four weeks!

Of course, my ideal weight is still many months away.  The Road to Sexy is definitely not a walk in the park. And there will be many detours along the way (like disintegrating running shoes, for instance).  But I am determined to take care of myself.  So if I have to run wearing slippers, so be it.  Or I can just get new shoes.

PS:  I have yet to undergo physical therapy for my back so I’m doing low-impact cardio exercises and strength-training for now.  Also, I do not run RUN so as not to strain my back.  Just so you know.:)  Any suggestions on how else I can lose the pounds?

Food for Thought:

A diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the feed limit. 

~Author Unknown

2 thoughts on “The Road to Sexy Week 4: Running Shoes Disaster

  1. i used to be 53 kilos. Now I am 63 I think. The horror. I applaud you for your determination, and most of all, for your achievements to date. HURRRRAAAHHHH!!!! i hope i can continue to be as determined as you. 🙂 do you cook your own meals or does someone else do it? everything i read about weight loss says cooking your own meals helps lesses the salt and fat intake. if only i could make time. 🙂
    congrats, pol!

  2. Hey dates! No, you can’t possibly be 63 kilos! I don’t believe you! THanks for the words of encouragement.:) Naku kaya mo rin yan! As for my meals, yes I do prepare my own meals as much as I can. Not only can you control the ingredients, you can also keep track of what you have. 🙂 Go for it, Data!

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