The Road to Sexy Week 4: Running Shoes Disaster

How will I ever get back to Sexy (or as Justin T. would say, bring the sexy back) if the God of Lame Excuses is out to get me? Last night, I was hell-bent on running for an hour. But just a few minutes after I began my warm-up walk, I heard a flip-flapping soundContinue reading “The Road to Sexy Week 4: Running Shoes Disaster”

8 Healthy Habits of Skinny (Healthy) People

Nowadays, being skinny is often associated with eating disorders.  But this is not about THAT.  This is about people who maintain a healthy weight by following certain habits.  I came across this very useful article from which I’m  sharing with you. Let’s all  be skinny healthy together. 8 Healthy Habits of Skinny (Healthy) PeopleContinue reading “8 Healthy Habits of Skinny (Healthy) People”