All I Own House

ALL I OWN HOUSE by PKMN Architectures from PKMN [pac-man] on Vimeo.

What if you have to put everything you own in a 15-square meter space? Would you be able to do it? Well, Yolanda did just that, but with the help of the talented architects of PKMN Architures in Madrid.

They say of Yolanda’s space:

“All I Own House materialises the interior of Yolanda’s house through her personal belongings. But these objects, such as Yolanda, would never stand still, they move around with her, accompanying her way through the day.”

Well, I suppose it’s possible. After all, it’s high time I do a lot of decluttering myself!

Food for Thought:

“The relationships we establish with the objects we own happen on a very special manner at the interior of our houses, we assume spaces we inhabit by surrounding ourselves with our belongings, thus the way in which we accumulate and display our stuff through the space ends up reflecting our personality.”

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