Now Shake It!

I have so much on my mind lately as I’ve been struggling to write several papers for graduate school. I swear I will go crazy soon. It’s not easy to be a student at this age!

Good thing I can surf the net in between lessons.  (Yeah, it can be counter-productive  but that’s another story.)

This morning, I stumbled upon something I totally needed:  photos of the most adorable dogs you will ever see, taken in mid-slow mo.  I  was laughing so hard as I looked at these guys photographed by award-winning photographer Carli Davidson.





Shake is a photographic series that Davidson began some years ago and which she finally compiled into a book and published in 2012. She has captured the wacky images using a high-speed camera that shoots at 10 frames a second,  and specialized lighting that enabled her to snap even the most minute of details.



To know more about SHAKE, visit Carli’s website here.

Meanwhile, here’s the motion version of SHAKE. Enjoy!

SHAKE from Variable on Vimeo.

Okay, enough of this. Lemme go back to my studies.

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