The New Cat House

It’s really cute to see cats curled up in or on almost anything.

Mayo on a plastic bag. Is this even comfortable?
Yuki on a CD box that was taken out to be cleaned. It wasn’t even there 5 minutes!
Catchupoy on MY chair!

But since, my boys and girls are beginning to trespass human territory, I thought it was best to make them their own house!  So I had one made last week and they are totally loving it now.





No more sleeping on Mommy’s chair! Well,  at least for now.


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  1. Boots (Tamsin’s cat) loves to sleep on her bed (she knows she’s not allowed) and and as soon as she hears footsteps, she hides under Tamsin’s bed!

  2. My dog, a long-hair german shepherd, loves relaxing on freshly washed clothes…;)

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