Our Home in Real Living Magazine

Eight (!) years ago, The Hubby and I were living in a “run-down 70’s style apartment’ in UP Village in Quezon City.  It was just an ordinary and very, very tired-looking apartment when I first moved in. Good thing I was able to bully my cousin Pet to help me paint the walls and later on, The Hubby, to do a lot of home improvement projects. By the time we were done, I guess the place looked good enough to be noticed by our next-door neighbor who happened to work for Real Living Magazine. One thing led to another and before we knew it, Ocs Alvarez was photographing our apartment and poof! we were on the pages of a magazine!

real living 102004_Page_1

real living 102004_Page_2

Notice my short hair?  By the way, the Van Gogh reproductions were from Vietnam, not Malaysia. And The Jimi Hendrix Experience IS a band. 😉

4 thoughts on “Our Home in Real Living Magazine

    1. Hey Inge! Oo nga ‘no? Wow, that was the perfect apartment because it was near everything! I have no idea who lives there now but lucky her/him.:)

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