Choosing House Plants

Have you heard of Midas?  You know, the guy who had the ability to turn everything he touched into gold? Well, I’m like that with gardening, only the opposite is true.  It seems that everything I touch withers. That’s why I  gave up gardening a long time ago.

But recently, my  interest was once again piqued when I came across an article discussing the merits of having plants around the house. The article listed several house plants that supposedly clean the air of harmful toxins.

(1. Bamboo Palm  2. Snake Plant 3. Areca Palm 4. Spider Plant  5. Peace Lily  6. Gerbera Daisy.  Click on the image for the source.)

Studies show that these plants act as natural air purifiers and humidifiers.  Peace Lilies even remove mold spores, perfect for damp days.

After reading the article, I went to work right away, looking around our garden for similar plants.  Luckily, I found a pot of Peace Lilies and lots of Snake Plants. I then cleared out the clutter in my home office and set up a potted garden.


It may be psychological but I find my potted garden so calming, especially in the mornings when the plants are bathed with morning sunshine.  It just looks so peaceful. I hope I don’t kill the plants, though. 😉

PS: There’s a TED Talk on “how to grow fresh air” given by researcher Kamal Meatle.  Check it out!

How about you? Have you done any gardening lately?

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