The Pink Sister

Don’t you just love cocktails?  Especially when the summer heat is almost unbearable and all you ever want to do is lie on a daybed,  flip through a magazine and take periodic sips of your favorite concoction? Last weekend, I mixed a refreshing pink cocktail. I  sort of copied the recipe from my best friendContinue reading “The Pink Sister”

The Weekend List: A Place To Call My Own

I’m on panic mode. My two-week holiday will be over tomorrow.  And yet, it seems that I haven’t accomplished even a third of my To-Do List! Good thing I’m almost done fixing up my lanai. And it turned out to be such a relaxing place I can truly claim as my own! For years, theContinue reading “The Weekend List: A Place To Call My Own”

Have a Cup of Christmas

Been so busy lately, what with my company staging a big concert for the Archdiocese of Manila called “Patron of the Arts”.  Between that and preparing for the holidays, I make it a point to visit one of my favorite sites, Pinterest, at least once a day. You will understand why when you see photosContinue reading “Have a Cup of Christmas”

Miniature Gardening

  If you think maintaining a garden is just a big hassle, then maybe this is for you. These miniature planters are so adorable and easy to care for.  You can display your plants, wear them or even bring them along when you do your errands.  I found all these on Etsy. Click on theContinue reading “Miniature Gardening”