Organizing Your Fridge

There’s something calming about a clean fridge. Personally, I try my best to keep ours spick-and-span but it could still use a little more ‘maintenance’.  I really wish it would look more like this: How nice it would be to have everything this organized… I love these see-thru plastic containers as they make everything visible.Continue reading “Organizing Your Fridge”

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May seems to be flying by and I can’t believe I missed my one year blog anniversary!   One year ago on Mother’s Day I started this crazy adventure and somehow wrangled my husband into doing the pictures for me. I had no idea what blogging would entail.   No really, I had NO…

Easter Cleaning

After quietly observing the Holy Week last week and celebrating Easter Sunday yesterday, today is my last chance  to finally get some cleaning and de-cluttering done.  If you’re thinking the same thing, I’d like to share with you my Easter Cleanup checklist. Hopefully, this will get us through this day. Polish the floor.   NothingContinue reading “Easter Cleaning”

The Road to Sexy Week 4: Running Shoes Disaster

How will I ever get back to Sexy (or as Justin T. would say, bring the sexy back) if the God of Lame Excuses is out to get me? Last night, I was hell-bent on running for an hour. But just a few minutes after I began my warm-up walk, I heard a flip-flapping soundContinue reading “The Road to Sexy Week 4: Running Shoes Disaster”

8 Healthy Habits of Skinny (Healthy) People

Nowadays, being skinny is often associated with eating disorders.  But this is not about THAT.  This is about people who maintain a healthy weight by following certain habits.  I came across this very useful article from which I’m  sharing with you. Let’s all  be skinny healthy together. 8 Healthy Habits of Skinny (Healthy) PeopleContinue reading “8 Healthy Habits of Skinny (Healthy) People”